Kuha'o's Story

When he was just 12, Hawaiian-born Kuha'o Case discovered that he had a special connection with the piano, a covnnection that has changed his life forever. He was able to teach himself how to play when he would visit his grandparents' house on the weekends. Since he didn't have a piano in his home at the time, his practice was only limited to a few hours a week during those visits. But the lack of practice didn't keep him from developing his special gift. As if this accomplishment is not impressive enough, the most inspiring aspect of this young man's extraordinary talent is that he does it all without his sight; Kuha'o is blind.
Kuha'o was born premature and wasn't expected to live, and although he beat the odds, complications from a surgery left him blind. Although Kuha'o can't see, his vision and outlook on life is inspirational and compelling. Kuha'o's message is that we should look at our goals and dreams and SEE NO LIMITS! Sometimes our sight dictates what is and isn't possible. We tend to base our abilities on things which we have seen, and if our eyes haven't seen something done, our mind has a hard time believing that it is possible. If we can catch the vision that Kuha'o has, every one of us can achieve beyond our perceived boundaries and limits.
This past year Kuha'o was able to not only realize his dream of getting his own piano, he was also able to produce his first CD. All of this was possible because of wonderful people who supported his Kickstarter project which was a success. We would like to thank all of those who played a part in that project and those who have helped him in his musical endeavors. This is only the beginning for Kuha'o and he looks forward to all the opportunities and experiences that lie ahead.

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Kuha'o's Videos

Kuha'o has the ability to listen to a song a few times and then play it on the piano. Below are some popular songs that he has uploaded to YouTube. Make sure to check out all of his videos YouTube and subscribe to his channel.


If you are interested in supporting Kuha'o by booking him for an event or performance, please email us for more information: KuhaoCase@gmail.com

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